Phase 1 - Registration

Register a team using the link HERE. 

To complete registration, groups only need to indicate their educator and student participant contact information.

Phase 2 - Develop, Demo, Pitch Group Reflection

*Please note only teams who have been notified of meeting the requirements in Phase 1 should proceed to Phase 2. If you have not been notified of the status for your team by November 30th, email*

There are 3 components for the Phase 2 submission.

  • App Pitch + Demo
    • *Hint- To maximize your time, make the pitch succinct.
    • Must be in English or include English subtitles.
    • Must show all the app features.
    • Indicate how the app will address the intended problem.
  • Group Reflection- Answer 3 out of the 6- The diversity questions is mandatory for each group.
    • Define some of your most challenging moments. What made them challenging?
    •  When did you realize that your group came up with the final best solution?
    • What soft skills did your team utilize that helped you overcome obstacles. Name and describe at least three.
    • What were the greatest strengths and weaknesses displayed in your group? Name and describe at least two for each.
    • How will each of you use what you have learned to assist in your professional development?
    • How did your team demonstrate and utilize diversity and inclusivity (i.e., race/ethnicity, gender, neurodiversity, age, culture, language, subject area of expertise) to develop your app?-
    •  *Please note-each team member must speak in the group reflection video. *
  • Upload your APK file to Devpost

Teams will submit a two-part video that includes the App pitch, demo, and group reflection. The video should be no longer than 5 minutes. The video should be uploaded to YouTube, and the link should be added to the group submission form.  All competition materials are due by March 15, 2021, at 11:59 pm. Student groups that miss the deadline will not be entered in the final round of judging. 

All teams moving forward to phase 2 will be assigned a Ready, Set, App! Student Mentor. Student groups will be appointed an RSA intern who will assist in the app development process. Student groups will coordinate times to conduct virtual check-ins using the Zoom conference platform, with the designated intern that will last ~30 minutes. The check-ins are required to meet the guidelines of the competition. In the case, a group misses more than three check-ins with no communication within at least 24 hours, they will no longer be able to compete in RSA. Teams will also be given a project workbook. The project workbook will be accessible via google docs and will assist in the app development process. The workbook will be utilized during check-ins with their designated mentor. It is required for students to complete indicated activities within the project workbook.

Phase 3 - Finalist Round

After the Phase 2 submission deadline, we will select one finalist groupo present at the Virtual Pitch Competition.

The finalists will be required to present their mobile app in front of a virtual audience and a group of judges who will select the top 3 winners. More details to come.